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March 13, 2017

Make Your Spring Blossom

While the distant mountains may still be topped with streaks of white, and the mornings may still hold that familiar chill that has bitten our bones for the past month – one things is becoming very clear: spring is almost here. You can feel it in the afternoons when jackets are too much and in turn are left forgotten in cars and restaurants.
With spring, however, comes the added reminder that our planet is a living, breathing, beautiful thing. As the earth sheds its winter coat and begins its yearly renewal, so can we, both in our own lives and by contributing to the community.
To get you started in the wonderful season of renewal, here are 5 things you can adopt in your everyday life.

  1. Internal Rejuvenation

    First things first, any kind of cleaning or spring rejuvenation starts from within, clearing out the cobwebs and letting that fresh spring light fill your soul. As Shiv Nath Tandon, Ayurvedic Consultant to Aveda’s founder said “Pay attention to what you are doing when it comes to your breath, thoughts, and food intake. The whole human being is built on these three things—when you take care of one, it will result in taking care of all three.” Introducing (or even adding more) meditation and yoga to you daily routine can help you start each day with a breath of beautiful dewy air.

    Aveda Yoga

  2. Spring Cleaning

    Your soul is only the beginning of your spring re-start. Making sure your surroundings are fresh and clean can help you to keep your spring in bloom. Clean your windows to let the light in, scrub the grit out of the corners and give your rugs and couches a good pat-down. Let your home have the chance to absorb the beauty of the earth.

  3. Drive for Nourishment

    Food drives are often associated with Christmas time, but food banks are also running low as Summer approaches and low income families are scrambling to feed their children as they come home for the summer. Holding a food drive (no matter how large or small) is a great way to give back to the community.

  4. Community Clean-Up

    As the snow melts and gives way to spring warmth, much of the trash and cast-offs from winter make a new appearance. Helping to remove some of this unwanted garbage is a great way to give back and help to make sure the earth is ready for new life. Find a local group to volunteer with or even just grab a bag and do it yourself.

  5. Help The Earth Grow

    With spring comes new growth, new little buds that are popping up from the ground and ready to cover the ground in color. Why not help it along with your own garden? Whether an edible patch of beauty, or colorful flowers to help attract the bees, grow along with Spring to help your whole life blossom. Learn more about Aveda initiatives to helping others!

Here at the Aveda Institutes: Boise and Twin Falls, we are gearing up for spring with these tips, but we know that there are so much more.

What are you doing to rejuvenate for spring? Let us know in the comments and keep watching our blog for more tips as we gear up for a beautiful Aveda summer.


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