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January 12, 2018

5 Ways to Save Money While You’re in School

Whether you’re attending beauty school, a trade school, or a university, you’re probably in charge of paying some portion of your tuition and other applicable fees. That also means you’re probably looking for ways to save money. It’s common to be more focused on your cash flow while you’re in school, so we’ve compiled some easy ways for you to pinch some pennies and make life a little easier.

1. Live Within Your Means

We know it’s easy to “wander” into your local beauty supply store and drop a few dollars on the newest eye palette and skincare products. To prevent yourself from overspending on things you don’t really need, set a monthly budget. Depending on your lifestyle, you may cut costs on eating out or even on wardrobe or makeup purchases.
Just becoming more aware of your monthly income and expenditure will help you keep life in perspective. Another idea to help yourself stay focused on the bigger picture (which would be to pay for school!) is to set a monthly goal on where you’d like your finances to be.

2. Don’t Take Out Loans

Whether you take out a loan for school or not, you’ll want to try your hardest not to take out additional loans for cars or anything else. Not only can this potentially hurt your credit, but this can add additional burden to you by adding more payments for you to remember and more for you to pay. We encourage you to think wisely about what you’re spending your money on and the responsibilities you have.

3. Be Aware of Your Deadlines

Try your best not to get behind on payments and be aware of your deadlines so you can save and plan your money wisely. Past due payments can not only be a source of stress financially, but it can also be stressful to know that you’re behind! To save yourself from feeling unprepared, get a plan in place at least two weeks ahead of your payment dates.

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4. Get a Few Friends

Roommates! Living with your besties can be fun, and it can also help you save money. Look for a place to live where you can have a few roommates. Split the budget of the shared assets fairly. Because you’ll save money on monthly expenses like rent and utilities, you can use the money you’re saving to pay off your school expenses or any emergencies.

5. Seek Advice

You don’t have to do this alone. We understand that financials can be scary. We encourage you, no matter where you’re attending school, to lean on your financial assistance representatives or leaders. Ask parents or role models in your life to help you plan out your life. You can do this.

Have Questions About Starting School?

If you’re considering beauty school but aren’t sure where to start when it comes to the financials, contact us today. Aveda Institutes Boise and Twin Falls have a team of talented, caring people, who are excited to help you understand and jumpstart your future.

Want to Learn More About Financial Aid?

click here to learn more about financial aidFinancial aid is available to those who qualify at Aveda Institutes Boise and Twin Falls.


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