November 28, 2018

The Benefits of Visiting an Esthetician

Nowdays, there’s really no excuse for not taking care of your skin. The secrets to excellent skincare and preventing the signs of aging are no longer secrets, which is great for you (and us)! While there are basic treatments and daily rituals you can be doing to ensure your skin retains its spring, including a regular visit to an esthetician is becoming even more important! Why? We’ll tell you.

What is Esthetics, and What is an Esthetician?

We know you’re likely washing, moisturizing, and doing everything you can for your skin, but that doesn’t mean that estheticians aren’t still crucial to proper skin care. For some people suffering with severe acne, rosacea, or other skin ailments just moisturizing and removing makeup before sleeping isn’t going to be a cure-all.

Though the secrets of skincare being out in the world can be a positive thing, it can also be a negative thing for these types of people. Rather than seeing a professional esthetician to solve their problem, they may choose to just follow the latest skincare tips they found online.

Regular visits with licensed and/or certified esthetician can help you watch for skin inconsistencies and alert you to any red flags that may require further treatment with a dermatologist, who can prescribe proper treatment. Estheticians can also perform services like waxing, microblading, facials, and other beautifying practices. Click the image to learn exactly what an esthetician is, and what they can do for you!
skin care products are on a counter with plants

Have You Done Your Homework?

Understanding how an esthetician might help you is important. Equally important is knowing when to visit an esthetician, and when to visit a doctor. An esthetician is trained to help you not only notice, but diagnose any mysterious “beauty marks” on your skin. They may be able to tell right away that it’s not a big deal, or they might recommend you visit a doctor and have it removed. After spending a summer in the sun, many men and women may find that they want to go visit an esthetician to help keep their skin its healthiest. Click the image to learn if it might be time for you to get that mark looked at!

An esthetician wearing gloves examines a beauty mark on a woman's neck

Your Esthetician Will Thank You!

Not all skin care requires a visit to the esthetician’s office! Some of the things you read online can be true about skincare regimens, but it is still safer to consult with an esthetician about a specific regimen for yourself. Meeting regularly with your esthetician can help you track your skin’s progress and you can both be excited about the health of your skin, plus together you may prevent future ailments.

Something to try out are these organic and natural facials. These should be used sparingly (about 1-3 times a week), but you’ll certainly want to use them more than that!

two girls wearing face masks take a selfie on a bed
So go ahead and make that esthetics appointment today! While you’re waiting, here are some essential tips for maintaining healthy skin:

  • Wash your face twice a day
  • Remove any makeup before sleeping
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Drink water
  • Moisturize daily

By following these basic tips you may find that your skin retains that natural bounce and smoothness. To ensure you’re doing the best for yourself make sure you visit an esthetician to confirm your routine is working!

Interested in Esthetics?

Do you love helping other people reach their skincare goals? You might find that Aveda Idaho has the answer you’ve been looking for. Our esthiology program covers topics like skin analysis, lash and brow tinting, waxing, aromatherapy, and many more! You can learn techniques to take care of your own skin, and turn your love for helping people into a rewarding career

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You can learn about the journey of our awesome alumnas Kim Brockner. Not only did she graduate our esthiology program, but you can also read about her successes as an esthetician.

Think you’d like to give the esthiology program a try? Call us at 208-733-7777, or you can fill out our form here. We’re excited to see your passion for skincare help future patients and customers!


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