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Cosmetology Competitions

Hands-on experience is critical for our students to be successful after graduation, so we provide the opportunity for them to compete against other cosmetology schools across the country. It’s an important chance for our students to flex their skills, build their portfolio, and get in touch with what they love most about beauty.

Learn With The Aveda Family

The Aveda name is a big one in the beauty world, and our students get inside access when they complete a program at our school. Being an Aveda Institute Idaho graduate means you’re an important and unique member of a large family that can open up opportunities throughout your career.

Financial Aid Options

Financial aid is available to those who qualify to enable our students to pursue their dreams. If you have a passion for beauty and a drive to succeed, you can meet with one of our financial aid counselors to talk create a plan tailored to your financial situation.


“Aveda cares about the world we live in, sustainable resources and the products do what they promise. We are a big family here and I have made so many friends. Cosmetology is something I have always wanted to do and I have been able to grow on my natural talent here.”


“I love Aveda because the products are so amazing. The instructors here are a wealth of knowledge to help lead us to success. I am becoming a cosmetologist because I love helping people bring their inner beauty to reflect on the outside and express themselves.


“I love being involved with such an ethically strong company. The Aveda color line also rocks my socks! I love this school because it has helped me grow so much as a person. The staff put so much stake into me as a person, and make me feel like they care about me as an individual and not just another nameless student.”