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June 16, 2016

What Is Cosmetology Anyway?

The words “esthetics” and “cosmetology” are often used in place of one another, but they are actually unique to one another.

The term esthetician is defined by as, “beauty professionals who are trained and educated in the beautification of the skin. As such, their main objective is to improve the appearance of the skin through non-surgical and non-invasive measures.” And the term cosmetologist is defined by Merriam Webster as, “a person who gives beauty treatments (as to skin and hair)”.  The key difference between the fields is the scope of their skills and training. For instance, estheticians are usually not trained or certified to perform nail services or chemical color treatments. Cosmetology programs often cover the most basic esthetics principles, but the needs of esthetics and cosmetology clients differ enough that professionals require different training.


Cosmetology is a much more broad field of study than esthetics as it includes but is not limited to:

  • Hair coloring, cutting, and styling
  • Makeup application and design
  • Basic esthetic/ skin care practices
  • Manicure and nail designs
  • Sterilization and sanitation practices


The field of esthetics is focused on skincare and maintenance, which includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Hair removal and maintenance
  • Minimizing and preventing blemishes with facials, exfoliators and masks
  • Laser therapies and chemical peels
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Body wraps, massage and moisturizing treatments
  • Makeup application and more

Each field of study and practice also provides the opportunity to specialize or focus on a certain set of treatments of skills. For instance, cosmetologist can specialize in cutting and styling, or coloring as well as types of makeup application like bridal or special effects. Estheticians can receive supplemental training for treatments like facials, massages, and microdermabrasion.

Cosmetology at Aveda Institute

At the Aveda Institute you receive more than a basic education, you receive the foundation for a successful practice in the beauty industry.

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As the demand for licensed professionals grows nationwide, we are determined to aid our students in setting the standard of expectation for beauty professionals. An Aveda education will not only prepare cosmetology students with the skills and knowledge that they need to work in a variety of settings; but also to work in any Aveda salon. With more than 2,000 locations nation-wide, the job prospects for graduates of Aveda Institute are plenty.

The Aveda coloring technique is only a small facet of the curriculum that provides our graduates with a leg up on their competition. Each product and product line used in our student salon and spa is carefully chosen and aligns with our natural and chemical free goal. Learn about the other things that Aveda does to aid in environmental betterment, and schedule your tour today.


We are proud to announce that as of August 1st 2018 we will be offering lash extension courses to all of our cosmetology and esthetics students.

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Or read about the tips that we believe lead to success: 10 Tips To Succeed In Cosmetology School


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Now's the perfect time to pursue a career in cosmetology, esthetics or barbering. We'll even help you find a job after you graduate! We offer financial aid to those who qualify and our schedule allows you to have the perfect school/life balance.

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