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Back to school list

August 11, 2016

The Top 4 Things Every Cosmetologist Needs to Get Back to School

Great fall wardrobe, check. Great hair color, check. Awesome summer, check. Back to school supplies, uh? What does a cosmetologist need to have to get off on the right foot in school? Don’t worry. Here are the top four things every new cosmetologist needs!

1. Apparel

It might not look like it, but cosmetology can be a messy job. From makeup powders flying to hair everywhere from a 6” chop, you’re going to get a little messy. Being prepared with the right clothing can make all the difference.

Most schools require students to wear an all black outfit, sensible shoes, and an apron. These are our most comfortable favorites:


black pants

These skinny crop chinos are cute and under $30.


black t shirts

This solid colored t-shirt is comfy and easy to wear.
You can use cute colored accessories to add a dash of personality.


An apron with bleach-proof power is an absolute must!
You want to keep your dark outfit dark.

If you want to bling it up a bit,
there are many handmade aprons with custom bedazzling and fabrics!

2. Accessories

Every hairstylist, makeup artist, esthetician, or barber needs their own set of helpful accessories and tools. Here are a few that might make your life a little easier:

Tool Accessories

Sally Beauty, $9.99

Sally Beauty, $9.99

A heat resistant pad is going to save you,
your bag, the counter top, you know, the places you set your heat styling tools!


Dress up your workstation when you finally become a certified cosmetologist, and
add a cute frame to your license.
You need to have them displayed where you work, so you might as well make it fancy!

3.Tool Bag

Every cosmetologist needs a tote bag to pack up their tools and accessories. These bags function well, are super cute and they keep down your back to school shopping costs.


This bag is small and easy to use while it’s on your hip.
Plus, the price isn’t bad either!


Sally Beauty, $34.99

Sally Beauty, $34.99

This one is large enough for a lot of supplies and your lunch!
And who doesn’t love that pattern?



In order to be a good, productive student you have to have the right attitude! In cosmetology school, you’re going to be challenged every day. You’ll have to learn new things and think outside the box on a daily basis. We know that can be a little rigorous and stressful at times, so here are a few things that can serve as a little pick-me-up to keep you going!

  • Snacks- Keeping a snack in your purse or bag will come in handy when you get a little “hangry” and lunch is still a ways off! Things like chewy granola bars, fruit leathers, and canned nuts can provide a little bit of extra energy!
  • Cute apparel- Looking cute always makes us feel better! Luckily, Etsy is a one stop shop for cosmetologists! Everything from cute totes to t-shirts are available.
  • Giving gifts to fellow classmates- if you see someone else struggling during class, it doesn’t hurt to help them out! Find out their favorite snack or find a cute bracelet to share!
  • Doing your own hair and makeup- Doing your own hair and makeup is probably where your passion started. Take some time before you go to school to get gussied up again! It not only will remind you of the reasons you’re in school, but it will help you show off your skills!
  • Drinking plenty of water- Water helps you stay energized throughout the day, so keeping a reusable water bottle in your bag is a must! It can help freshen up your attitude and your skin!
  • A refresher mist- A nice fresh scent makes everyone feel better! Buy your own spray bottle to keep in your hand tote. Fill it with water and add a few drops of essential oils to it. Peppermint, lavender, and chamomile are a few that promote relaxation!

Now that you’ve got all the necessities, it’s time to sign up for class! Speak with one of our admissions reps and get started!

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Ready to Get Back To School?

Learn about our financial aid options here: What is Financial Aid?

Or see what makes Cosmetology at Aveda Boise and Twin Falls different: What Is Cosmetology Anyway?


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