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May 3, 2018

New Cosmetology Hours in Idaho: How It Affects You.

Change comes in both small and large packages.

This year, cosmetology schools in Idaho are facing a big change when it comes to program requirements.

Beginning in July of 2018, the required hours for completing a cosmetology program in the state of Idaho will be decreased from 2000 clock hours to 1600.

The reduction in hours affects a lot, but none of it should affect education quality or skill growth. At Aveda Institute Boise and Twin Falls, we know that your education is important, and we are confident that this change can continue to help us build talented cosmetologists, ready to build a career and change their futures.

Let’s break down the hours and all the benefits you can expect from this change.

Fewer Hours. Same Education.

A cosmetology instructor helping a student to master a skill

With a decrease of 400 hours, there has been a bit of concern expressed about losing the quality of education and training within a program. However, as part of the Aveda family, we are confident that you, as a student, should not experience this and instead may be able to spend more time developing your skill.

Because the Aveda education system is used nationwide, it is already optimized to deliver a well-balanced education in less time. With the change in hours, you could benefit from an education that is not only tailored toward you but already optimized to help you develop the skill you are looking for in a timely matter.

Less repetition, more focus on the things you need to know and the beauty you are able to create.

With an Aveda Idaho education behind you, you could find yourself feeling confident about sitting for the state boards and beginning your career. The change in hours could do that in less time while empowering you to reach your dreams, ready to paint the world.

Going Forward in Time

A cosmetology instructor helping a student to master a skill

While there are many benefits to this coming change, it is important to note that this change does not come into effect until July of 2018.

This means that if you are currently enrolled in a cosmetology program your required graduation hours will not be affected.

If you are a current student of Aveda Idaho, or another cosmetology school in Idaho, and have any questions about how this affects you, please do not hesitate to reach out and get your questions answered. We would love to help you make sense of this new law. It is our passion to help you get the best beauty education possible. We are here for you.

Fewer Hours. More Growth. Unlimited Possibilities.

Join us at our Boise and Twin Falls locations for a tour and see how an Aveda-based education can help you develop your creative talent and help you blossom into a future professional both inside and out.

You are full of unlimited potential, you deserve an education that can help you unlock your possibilities. You deserve to soar. You deserve Aveda.

At Aveda Idaho we are proud to be able to offer federal financial aid to both our cosmetology and esthetics students who qualify*. For more information, check out our blog about financial aid, or schedule a meeting with our financial aid representative to learn more.

Not sure what makes an Aveda education different? Check out our blog and see how Aveda Idaho can help you glow.

Schedule your tour today, discover our beautiful facilities, and see how this new law can help you build your future faster.

Contact us today to get started.

Still want more? Take a peek into your future and see where a career in cosmetology can lead, and learn about our Financial Aid options!

*Financial aid available to those who qualify. For information about our median loan debt, graduation rates, and job placement percentages please visit the pages for our Boise and Twin Falls locations.


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