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mushroom brown hair

February 22, 2019

Complete Guide to Mushroom Brown Hair Trend

We hear all kinds of creative names for hair colors and styles in the cosmetology world. From cotton candy hair to fruit juice hair, we’ve found ways to tame the rainbow and create stunning looks for every color and personality. But mushroom brown? This has to be one of the first hair colors that looks better than it sound!

What is Mushroom Brown Hair?

Mushroom brown hair gets its name from the similarity it shares with how natural brown mushrooms look. If you visualize what a portobello or other mushroom looks like, it has more colors than just brown. It can have creamy colors, grays, and whites, and that’s just when talking about brown mushrooms! The mushroom brown hair has many of these elements, combining earthy brown as the primary color, and bringing it to life with ashy gray or creamy highlights. The finished look is subtle, stunning, and simple!

How to Get Mushroom Brown Hair

Mushroom brown hair may sound simple, but nailing the look can be tricky. This is why we’d recommend most people to visit a licensed cosmetologist or hairstylist to get the color perfect. Mushroom brown hair is usually achieved through a mix of a few different colors and techniques:

  • 1. The first step is to get the base color right. Your stylist can lighten or darken your natural hair color to get the right shade of brown. If your hair is naturally a suitable shade of brown, your stylist might be able to skip this step.
  • 2. The next step is to add darkened lowlights. This helps the final look to appear fuller and more dynamic.
  • 3. The final step is to add ashy brown highlights. This step is what really makes the entire look POP!

As with most advanced hair color treatments, your hair stylist will likely use balayage, hair painting, or foiling techniques to help the color look as natural as possible.

How to Maintain Mushroom Brown Hair

For people who have had color treated hair before, maintaining mushroom brown hair will come naturally. Because of how natural the style looks, there may be many hair color first-timers who are getting mushroom brown hair for their first hair color. Here are a few important tips to keep your mushroom brown hair looking perky and earthy:

Use Hair Care Products for Color

Normal shampoo and conditioner shouldn’t necessarily be used on color treated hair because it could affect how the color looks. Finding a hair care product to keep your new hair color alive and well should be your first priority. Aveda Color Conserve hair care products are a great example of something you can use!

Mind Your Showers

If you like your shower hot enough to melt the skin off your bones (and who doesn’t?), you need to be mindful of your new hair. Excessively hot showers can strip your hair of essential oils and reduce the lifespan of your new look. Go for lukewarm temperatures when it’s time to wash your hair.

Give Your Hair a Break

Blow dryers and irons may be a regular part of your routine, but your hair needs a break once in a while. Too much exposure to direct heat can alter the color and impact the health of your hair, so try to enjoy one day each week free of the heat!

Get Your Mushroom Brown Today!

Looking to try this new trendy hairstyle for yourself? Come by the Aveda Institutes in Boise or Twin Falls to try the look for yourself!

Did you know that you learn more than hair coloring and cutting in cosmetology? It’s true! See what else you might discover in our cosmo course!

With an earth-inspired look, why not also make earth-minded beauty choices? Read our blog all about Making Earth-Friendly Fashion Choices!


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