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January 16, 2020

5 Careers a Cosmetologist Can Have

If you want a career that would allow you to express your creativity while helping others feel amazing, then a career in cosmetology could be the right fit for you! Although many people assume that having a cosmetology education means your only career option is working in a salon, that couldn’t be further from the truth. With the beauty industry constantly growing, there are many career choices you can pursue after graduation. We’ve listed out five jobs you may not have considered when thinking about a future career in beauty!

Salon Owner/Manager

Pursuing a future as a salon owner could be a perfect option if you’re interested in a career where you can choose your own schedule and help others achieve their professional goals. From interacting with clients to managing the employees, this career choice could offer you something new and exciting to do every day. At Aveda Idaho, we are proud that many of our students have graduated to become salon owners and leaders in the beauty industry!

stylist helping client pick hair color

Aveda Brand Ambassador

Aveda is an international beauty brand that is well-known for its commitment to creating products that are environmentally friendly without sacrificing any of the quality. We are proud to be part of this incredible network and we know that our students also love the atmosphere Aveda has given our school.

That’s why a career as an Aveda brand ambassador could be an amazing transition for you to enter the beauty industry. A brand ambassador is someone who works with Aveda by talking with people and going to special events to promote their beauty products. Who better to represent Aveda than someone who knows them as well as an Aveda student?

Beauty Writer/Editor

A beauty writer is a great example of a career path people usually don’t think of when considering beauty school. If you love being creative not just through beauty but also through writing, this could be the best of both worlds for you!

woman typing on keyboard

Along with doing something you’re passionate about, becoming a beauty writer could be your way to start making a name for yourself in the industry. With all the new trends developing, this is the perfect opportunity for you to stay updated on all the latest news. Beauty magazines, blogs, and websites are just some places where you can write about the things you love!

Cosmetology Instructor

Are you a natural leader? Does the idea of taking what you would learn in our cosmetology program to the future generation of beauty professionals sound like an exciting opportunity? A career as a cosmetology instructor could be a rewarding future for you! Instructors are licensed professionals who receive further training to become qualified in teaching the latest beauty trends. Many students end up loving the supportive and welcoming environment of learning in a classroom with others who share their same passion. As a cosmetology instructor, you could continue working in that setting as a role model for students!

Event Stylist

Behind every event, chances are there’s a stylist helping everything come together. Someone who can bring someone’s beauty vision into reality. You could be that artist for them! Whether you’re working with big teams of people for a fashion show or you help a bride with her hair and makeup for her special day, being an event stylist can be a rewarding experience. Plus, this career could help you be more in control of your schedule. You could decide which jobs you want to take based on your schedule and how far you’re willing to travel.

Get Started With Aveda Idaho

Which career are you most excited to pursue? With a variety of techniques to learn in our cosmetology program, Aveda Idaho can be a great way for you to begin your beauty journey! Contact us to learn more about what you could learn in our program or any other questions. We can’t wait to help you get started!


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