June 7, 2024

Student Stories: Following In My Family’s Footsteps, My Own Way (Rachel Guzman)

By Rachel Guzman

Imagine finishing high school without a clear path but knowing you want to jump into something exciting and fulfilling.

That’s exactly what Rachel Guzman experienced. Rachel, a middle child from a family full of beauty professionals, decided to dive straight into a beauty career right after high school. Her journey began in June 2024 at Aveda Institute – Twin Falls, and it’s been a life-changing adventure ever since.

Following Family Footsteps with a Twist

Rachel’s decision to enroll at Aveda Institute – Twin Falls was heavily influenced by her family. Her sister, an alumna of Aveda, had nothing but positive experiences to share.

“My sister came here for the nail tech program and spoke highly of the school and the supportive teachers,” Rachel recalls.

Inspired by her sister and her cosmetologist aunt, Rachel set her sights on Aveda Institute – Twin Falls, convinced that it was the right place to begin her beauty career.

“I did consider another school, where my aunt graduated, but Aveda felt more proactive in reaching out and making me feel welcome,” Rachel explains. This proactive approach extended beyond the enrollment process, as Rachel quickly discovered.

A Day in the Life: Busy, But Rewarding

Life as a student at Aveda Institute – Twin Falls is anything but dull.

Rachel describes her daily routine as productive and active. “I wake up, make breakfast, go to school, then head to work, hit the gym, and finally unwind at home before doing it all over again,” she says, smiling.

Rachel’s passion for soccer also plays a big role in her life. “Playing soccer keeps me motivated and balances my school life. It’s essential to have something you love outside of school to keep you going,” she advises.

Growing as a Person and a Professional

Aveda Institute – Twin Falls has not only equipped Rachel with technical skills but also encouraged significant personal growth.

“The most challenging part for me was getting here on time. I used to be tardy in high school, but now I’m way more dependable,” Rachel laughs.

She has also learned to listen better, a skill that’s crucial in the beauty industry. “I used to do all the talking, but now I listen to clients and offer them advice. It’s been a big part of my growth,” she says.

Building Memories and Connections

Rachel cherishes the camaraderie she’s built with her peers during her time at Aveda Institute – Twin Falls. “Lunchtime is my favorite. We go to the nearby waterfall, talk, laugh, and make memories.

“Every Wednesday, we have a potluck lunch, and it feels like one big family,” she reminisces.

The school also offers numerous networking opportunities. “We have pop-up classes where industry professionals come in to teach us. It’s great because not all students are comfortable reaching out, but Aveda brings the pros to us,” Rachel explains. These sessions have been particularly beneficial for Rachel, especially those focusing on hair color, an area she’s keen to specialize in.

Choosing Aveda Institute – Twin Falls, a Nathan Layne Institute Affiliated School

Rachel’s experience at Aveda Institute – Twin Falls is a testament to the supportive environment fostered by the Nathan Layne Institute schools. From personal growth and professional training to making lifelong friends, Aveda Institute – Twin Falls offers a comprehensive and enriching experience for anyone interested in a beauty career.

Ready to Start Your Journey? Don’t wait to discover your passion and potential.

Inspired by Rachel’s story? Join the Aveda Twin Falls community and embark on a journey that promises professional success and personal growth. Enroll today and take the first step toward an exciting and rewarding career in the beauty industry.

Come and be part of a family that thrives on beauty, creativity, and togetherness. Your future in beauty begins at Aveda Institute – Twin Falls!


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