From Single Mom to Beauty Pro: Finding Balance with a Top-Notch Beauty School Education

Hi! I’m Savanna, a graduate of Aveda Institute Twin Falls, a beauty school affiliated with Nathan Layne Institute. I’m gonna give you the inside scoop on my switch to the beauty industry that’s been nothing short of a rollercoaster, in the best way possible. 

As a single mom, bouncing between odd jobs and looking for something more, my son’s Little League games became my reality check—I needed more than just a gig, I needed a career that let me be there for him, front and center.

Weighing a career in dental hygiene or the beauty industry

So there I was, weighing my options. Dental hygiene seemed like the safe bet with a steady paycheck and all that adult stuff. But beauty? That was where my heart was doing cartwheels.

I tried the dental thing, but those hours—starting before the sun was up and ending when it was too late—meant my kiddo was stuck at daycare for way too long. Not cool.

Then came that one morning outside his daycare that just hit me hard: My little guy, with his face pressed against the glass, bawling his eyes out ’cause he didn’t want to let go. That’s when I knew, nope, this isn’t it.

Listening to my gut and taking the jump

That morning was the push I needed. I messaged Aveda Twin Falls’ admissions director Kerin and jumped ship to the world of hairstyling. Turned out, making folks feel amazing with a fresh cut or color was my jam, and the whole team at the school made me feel like I was at home.

Life as a beauty school student was a whirlwind—up at the crack of dawn, racing to drop my son off before diving headfirst into a day full of classes and practice. I won’t lie, it was intense, but it was also kind of amazing to see myself grow in ways I never thought I would, like getting comfy talking in front of people and really getting the hang of things like hair chemistry—yeah, it’s a thing!

It’s okay to make mistakes at this Aveda Institute! 

It’s not all perfect. This one time I struggled big time with a hair coloring job. I was a mess and literally cried right there in the school.

That’s when I learned that messing up was just part of the deal. 

My instructor, Nicole, she was a rockstar. She had me practicing on a mannequin head until I could foil hair with my eyes closed. And would you believe it? Now I love doing those blond transformations.

My career in beauty is off to a great start

Fast forward a bit, and I’m now doing what I love at the Red Canary Salon, waiting to go all in. My goal is to slay at hair extensions and keep that sweet spot between working hard and momming harder. Because, at the end of the day, those soccer games and school plays aren’t gonna watch themselves, right?

If you’re thinking about going to beauty school, here’s my two cents: put your heart into it. It’s like, the more you give, the more you’ll get back. Aveda Institute affiliated with Nathan Layne Institute, they’re like family. They teach you the ropes, cheer you on, and genuinely want to see you win.

So yeah, that choice to jump into the beauty field? Best decision ever. It not only gave me a career I adore but showed me I could be the kind of mom I always wanted to be—there for my son at every turn, all while making people look and feel their best.

So here’s to new beginnings, following your gut, and hair that looks freaking fantastic.

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✨ Meet Savanna: a single mom who changed her life from a series of odd jobs to a dream career in beauty!

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