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October 2, 2019

5 Characteristics That Make a Great Esthetician

Today the beauty world is expanding, and there’s so much information out there when it comes to good skincare and makeup. Learning on your own is fun, and becoming an expert is absolutely possible!

If you’re interested in the study of skincare, the field of esthetics might be for you. Broadly defined, esthetics is the study of healthy skin and practical application on superficial treatments to improve the look and feel of skin. Basically, seeing an esthetician is a little bit like seeing another type of dermatologist or skin specialist, but estheticians focus exclusively on beautifying the skin.

Not all estheticians work in the same environment or even provide the same services or treatments. Some may work in large-scale spas while others work in local salons or beauty boutiques. But most estheticians have a few characteristics in common. These traits are what make them so great at their jobs and so successful in the field.

Have you ever thought about becoming an esthetician? Read on to find out if you possess some of the most common characteristics.

1. A Love for Helping Others

Estheticians, cosmetologists, and other professionals in the beauty industry have a natural knack for helping others feel good. Good estheticians love making others feel comfortable and are often good listeners. They engage personally with their clients to give them the most relaxing treatments possible.
Cupped hands with a heart-shaped hand cream on one

2. An Attention to Detail

Getting up-close and personal with skin means being very detail-oriented. Estheticians know that to provide the best care, they must execute treatments flawlessly. No one wants two differently tinted eyebrows or only half a facial peel applied. This is one line of work where you can expect to delve into miniscule-sized projects. Your skin may be the biggest organ, but it requires a fine touch to make it feel just right.
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3. An Interest in Science

As part of the Aveda Esthiology program, estheticians in training can learn everything from waxing and makeup application, to things like sanitation, anatomy, and chemistry. The science behind skin care can be complex and varied.

Estheticians may have to mix their own masks and peels for every skin type. They may have to be versed in basic anatomy when shaping eyebrows and massaging facial muscles. And learning a bit of basic psychology to help clients find more relaxation and peace can never go wrong.
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4. A Passion for Health

When it comes to skin, beauty and health go hand in hand. We all know that skin hydration is more than having a good hand-lotion. You must hydrate from the inside out and drink water throughout the day. To achieve clear, beautiful skin, it is necessary to understand the health that can get it there.

At Aveda Idaho, the esthetics programs covers a variety of skin care theory and whole-body wellness. A good esthetician should be interested in health and healing that come from beneath the skin to help clients feel young and beautiful.
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5. A Passion for Beauty

It seems obvious, but beauty is first and foremost on any esthetician’s mind. This is the goal behind most treatments. A passion for beauty is the motivation and drive for estheticians.

Our esthetics program can help students marry their love of beauty with the practical aspects of turning it into a business. Great estheticians know the importance of building their client base and improving their facilities, as well as sharpening their skills in beauty and science.

Interested in Esthetics?

If you have these characteristics, as well as a drive and hands-on attitude, an esthetics education could be a great stepping stone on your beauty journey. We offer a full-time schedule for our 600-hour program, which can be completed in as little as four months, so you can get experience early on.

Learn how to join the Aveda Institute family at our Boise or Twin Falls location and build a future you can be proud of! Contact us to learn more about our programs and how they can help prepare you to become a beauty professional.


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