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Ren and Nathan teaching beauty

August 27, 2020

Why Study at Aveda Institute Idaho

If you love cosmetology or esthetics and you’re looking to start an education in it, the first step is to find the right beauty school for you. From the culture of the school to making sure the instructors are qualified to teach you the lessons you’re most excited to learn, there’s a lot to know before committing. That’s why we wanted to highlight some of the things that help Aveda Institute Idaho stand out as a beauty school!

What Does Being Aveda Mean?

One big difference that makes us unique from other beauty schools is that we’re an Aveda school. But what does that mean for your education? It means that students are learning the latest trends and techniques from instructors who are at the top of their beauty game.

As a graduate from an Aveda school, our students have the unique opportunity to connect with the vast network of Aveda schools and businesses. Since Aveda teaches specific high-quality techniques, students from our school will understand and already know the processes that set this brand apart from others in the industry! Students at our school will learn how to use products that are environmentally friendly, offer unique beauty services, participate in raising money for the community, and understand the technical and business side of beauty through an Aveda lens.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Aveda Schools?

So we’ve covered why an Aveda education can help you hit the ground running when starting your career. But why is Aveda Institute Idaho so special from other schools in the area? One of the biggest reasons why our school isn’t like any others is because of our owners, Ren and Nathan.

From Beauty Student to Teacher and Owner

Our students know these two not just because they are our owners but because they’re also instructors. Ren and Nathan didn’t just decide to own a beauty school. They started in the same places as you are now, someone who loves the beauty industry. From beginning as beauty school students to managing their own school, our owners personally know what it’s like to move up in the beauty industry.

We asked Nathan how this has helped them as beauty school owners. He said that it’s given him and Ren the opportunity to take what they’ve learned through their journey and apply those lessons to help students as they’re just getting started. Not every beauty school offers this personal mentorship in the industry that our owners can provide and why we’re so grateful for them!

Ren showing students how to do a hairstyle

When they’re not traveling around the country teaching what they know, they’re doing it right here in Idaho for our students. For our students, this allows them to be taught by beauty professionals who know the technical and business side of the beauty industry. As part of our curriculum, our programs explore how beauty mavens can market themselves after graduation and there’s no two better people to do this than Ren and Nathan. With Ren interested more in the hairstyling aspect of cosmetology and Nathan the hair coloring side, these two make the perfect team for our students.

The Culture at Aveda

With the Aveda Brand behind us and Ren and Nathan as our owners, our culture at Aveda Institute Idaho teaches students how to become professionals in a fun and positive environment. We asked Ren why he thinks the culture at Aveda Institute Idaho is special for him. “We have a really good, fun vibe with a lot of laughter,” he said. “We’re still focused on high-quality work… but we want our work time to be pleasurable.”

group of students studying together

Excited to Join Our Family?

Now that you know more about us and what makes our school stand out, all you need to do is apply to our cosmetology program. Ren and Nathan would love to meet you and help you start your journey at beauty school. Contact us or schedule a tour at one of our campuses to find out how you can become part of our Aveda family in Idaho!


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