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October 6, 2016

5 Things We Miss About Halloween as a Kid

As you get older, you grow out of a lot of habits and traditions. When kids start growing into teens, things get “uncool” or “not fun.” From trick-or-treating to believing in Santa, you slowly start to lose interest in things you once found magical. As an adult, you are probably looking back and telling yourself, “Don’t give up on childhood so early!” These are five things we miss about Halloween as a child.


Sure, you can go trick-or-treating now, but the chances of you getting kicked off your neighbor’s porch are high. It is generally frowned upon for adults to beg for candy door-to-door.

Now you have to purchase the candy with your own money and give it away to children at your door. *sigh*


Eating a LOT of Candy

Somewhere along in adulthood, your metabolism probably started to betray you. When you were a kid, you could eat half a bag of candy, some chips, and a few cookies and still not gain a single pound.

Now, when you treat yo’self, it’s probably to some Special K chocolate cereal. *double sigh*

The Excitement

The growing excitement for the night of Halloween started at the beginning of October and picked up speed as it continued to Halloween week. Who was going to be what this year? What kind of candy haul will you bring in? What will the class party be like?


Now, we are dreading digging through storage to pull out the decorations, and we are not looking forward to the kids who “trick” instead of “treat” our houses. If you have kids, you are probably not too excited about dropping $50 on a costume from the store, the indecision of costume choosing, and the inevitable sugar rushes that the coming weeks hold.

Dressing Up

Adults can participate in dressing up for Halloween, but it is often more stressful. As a child, you dreamed up your perfect costume weeks in advance, had your mom or dad purchase it or help you make it, and all you had to do was throw it on!

Adult costumes are much harder to find in the right size, and let’s not talk about how much pricier they are. A DIY is always fun, but deciding on a costume is difficult. You now feel the pressure of having an Instagram worthy or super sexy costume, and if it’s not either of those, you feel like you can’t leave the house. In the end, you are probably going to be the same witch you were last year.

The Innocence

Childhood is a precious and fun. Halloween was just another one of the awesome holidays you got to celebrate.

Now, you are probably enjoying your adult life and all the fun things you get to do, like buying dry ice and spray paint. Though, you still reminisce about the days when you didn’t have responsibilities, just a pillowcase and a Halloween dream.


Adults and children of all ages: go out and enjoy all that Halloween has to offer! Be safe and be sure you’re making memories that last a lifetime.

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