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April 18, 2016

What’s Your Beauty Mark?

It’s no secret that beauty is fun, but have you ever considered the cost?

We’re not talking about the price tag in the store, we are talking about the cost to the environment for the products that you use on a regular basis.

We’ve all heard of carbon footprints, and the effect that Greenhouse gases have on the atmosphere and environment, but have you ever considered how much impact your makeup and skincare routines have on the earth?

What’s Your Beauty Mark?

No, not your cute freckle shaped like Texas or Monroe-like mole that makes you look like a movie star. 

Putting on the CINDY💄by @CTilburyMakeup! Loved getting ready with you too!

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As beautiful as an iconic beauty mark can be (ahem, Cindy Crawford, we love you!) we want you to consider what impact your routine habits might have on the environment. Could you be contributing to companies that are not as environmentally conscious?

The Aveda Way is rooted in finding plant based, chemical-free alternatives for the harsh and damaging effects of many common beauty and esthetics treatments.

In line with our dedication to conserving the environment, we challenge you be conscientious of the bigger picture and how you fit into it as a fashionable consumer.

This means actively researching the source of the products that you purchase and making an informed decision about what you will and won’t use.

For instance, many products contain palm oil. It may not sound like a problem but a large percentage of deforestation can be attributed to the palm oil industry.

Because water consumption means more than the amount of water that you use and drink each day, it is good to consider the amount of water, non-renewable energy and fossil fuels it takes to manufacture the products and services that you use every day.

Tips for Making Your Beauty Mark Environmentally Friendly

We don’t expect you to harvest your own ingredients and make them from scratch and if that sounds fun there is undoubtedly a Pinterest board for that.

Here are a few other things you can do to reduce your mark on the Earth.

  1. Reduce the Amount You Use

It is spring, so begin by cleaning out your makeup collection and eliminating things that are expired or that you don’t use. If there is still some product in the container, be sure to clean it out so that you can recycle the plastic.

Aveda also hopes you will consider how you use your products. Are you constantly reapplying lipstick, foundation, or mascara? Look for brands that include primers or are made to last longer than your typical 3-4 hours. For more help, come in and speak with a stylist* at Aveda Institutes Boise & Twin Falls about the products that will work best for you and our planet!

  1. Consider the Source

Not only the source of the actual product but also the source of the other materials that you use. Do you use plastic duo-fiber brushes or brushes made from real hair or fur? Consider using tools made from recycled materials by companies with sustainable practices. If you’re not sure how or where to find that information, schedule an appointment with a stylist for a consultation.

  1. Avoid Brands that Contribute to Environmental Destruction

You might be thinking, “How could my makeup affect the environment?”

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Simply stated: many of the companies that manufacture cosmetics use palm oil and have toxic carcinogens in their packaging. In many production facilities, water run-off pollutes local waterways and water tables, and this causes damage not only to marine life but also to the soil and plants.

April is Earth Month and Aveda has worked diligently for more than 10 years to protect clean water in the US and abroad. In honor of Earth Day and being a conscious consumer, find out how you can be part of Earth Month this year!

Do you want to know how to make your mark on the Earth just a little bit more beautiful? Contact our student stylists for suggestions on products and tools that will work well for you and won’t do damage to the environment.

Are you interested in helping others make a better beauty mark on our planet? You can make an impact by entering the beauty industry! Learn more about our cosmetology, esthiology, and nail tech programs now.

*All Services Performed By Students Under the Supervision of Licensed Instructors.


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